Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lost in transit(ion)

At Narita Airport, about to climb into one of those flying tubes we all love so much.

See you in Australia. Thanks for reading, I've really enjoyed writing this.

'Six views of room 331 at Fukudaya'

Smiling like a loon to cover up the tears.

At Ueno Park this afternoon, my old friends were there in numbers.

This is an art project called 'Overall' by Yoshinari Nishio - he uses unwanted clothes to make big clothes overalls for 'giant lost heritage'. In this case, a 7 metre high Buddha that was destroyed by the '23 earthquke and the WWII bombings.

The Buddha's face survives as a shrine.

Another museum? Pourqoui-pas!

Edward Jenner.

Takamori Saigo.

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Scott said...

Ah Bernard, and it's been very enjoyable to read too... Excellent work with the regularity, drawings and commentary. May you be sent abroad again soon in the name of the funny-book!