Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"By the shroud of Gargunza!"

Below: me as Liz Moran, wife of Mike Moran, 
Miracleman's alter ego (wig kourtesy Eva Burghardt)

Above: the closing night (Saturday 12 July) crowd at the recent season of mine and Bruce Woolley's stage adaptation of Alan Moore, Gary Leach and Alan Davis' 1980s superhero comic book 'Miracleman'.  As you can see, there was a packed-to-the-gunnels crowd up on the third floor of The Croft Institute in old Melbourne Towne.

We had an excellent time with our eight night season, and we were extremely fortunate to have a critic attend on the second night who has a background both in theatre and in comics, and who went on to write an excellent review on his 12 hour train trip back to Sydney, which you can read here.

And of course once the title is out there in interweb land it's picked up by a Miracleman-starved comic book readership...

And then we were delightfully blogged by Nicki Greenberg!

So, a great registration of our show out here in the world of the digital.

One of the hugely satisfying things about the venue, apart from it being a great shape for our show (about 3 metres wide by about 10 metres deep) and the people there being lovely (thanks Adam, Steven, Bridget, Becky and Anne) was the location.  In the midst of Chinatown, The Croft Institute backs onto what was once the Hoyts Cinema Centre, now no longer a cinema and in fact the whole huge cavernous building is being gutted and made into...what? An indoor Quidditch stadium?  But, that was where I first saw 'Star Wars', 31 years ago. As it is a common reference for Bruce and I, there was something very neat about performing our show in such proximity to a historic/sacred site.

Watch this space for details about the next Miracleman season, winging its way to a festival near you!