Monday, November 16, 2009

Edo Tokyo and the Amazon

Back. Very definitely back in Melbourne. But dreams still fever-haunted by images from Japan, like this one, from 8 days ago, a stone statue about 5 metres high, outside the Edo Tokyo Museum. So struck was I by this man, in his hat, with his stick, with his bird (a crow, surely) on his disproportionately large left hand (I must confess, that was my work), standing on his turtle, that I had to stop. As I drew, the cries of children - who sounded like they were playing a game - came over a very high fence. As I drew, the turtle gently lifted off the ground, and slowly floated down the road. No one batted an eyelid. So me, not wanting to be out of place, I didn't either.

In other news, The Tango Collection has been listed on Amazon! Wow. Thanks to John Retallick for bringing my attention to this.

And on the very same day that the selfsame river of books brought to me Logicomix. Look for a review here soon.

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Bobby.N said...

Whoah!... LOGICIMIX looks amazing.