Sunday, November 6, 2011

Other GRAPHIC 2011 folks...

The wonderful Peter Kuper, who presented his 'Revolutions and Art' show as part of the 'Wordless Storytelling' panel on the Saturday. Bloody great.

"The revolution will not be televised, but I am convinced it will be illustrated."

Eddie Campbell pointing out another great image in his slideshow, presented on the Sunday, all about his upcoming book, 'The Lovely Horrible Stuff', which is all about money.  He even went to Yap.

" Came across this interestin' story..."

Also on the Sunday, Andrew Weldon presented the prizewinners in the 'Air Your Grievances' one-panel cartoon competition, as well as showing us some of his own, quite hilarious work.


So GRAPHIC #2, another great event for comics.  And I just found out today that the conversation that we didn't get, between Gary Groth and Robert Crumb, has just been posted, here, with the non-attendance, amongst other things, discussed.  Okay, he didn't make it over, but in the end it all happened.

In the end?


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