Thursday, September 1, 2011

What It Is? #4 episode

Well well well, in amongst a remarkable period of comics events in Melbourne and Sydney, here is a reminder of the fourth and final 'What It Is?' comics conversation/performance evening at Readings bookshop in Carlton on Monday 25 July 2011. As mentioned in a lower post, my collaborator on this one was the wonderful Mister Martin Martini, who this Sunday just gone provided the live songs for an incredible concert for the Melbourne Writers Festival at The Toff In Town where cartoonists Pat Grant, Jo Waite, Andrew Weldon and Jim Woodring drew live as the music played!

Zowee, baby!

The footage above shot and edited by Daniel Hayward, with whom I am working on a feature documentary with the working title: 'Graphic! Novels! Melbourne!'  Ahh, it's good to be alive...

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Therese Muller said...

Hello Bernard, Im hoping you get this message. It Therese (nee Bettiol), just trying to get in contact with you and your family. My mum passed away last week. I have a Facebook page Muller Madness if you want to contact me.

PS You are all over the internet - which made it much easier to find you but also a great tribute to your work and your obvious passion - amazing!