Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hoo hah!

My lovely ladies and gents, may I introduce you to:

'The Tango Collection'.

(whistles, cheers, applause)

Not out in the shops just yet (that will happen on the 23rd of November), but it is printed and it's beautiful (the above picture doesn't do justice to the sheer PUNCH of the red of the cover), and it's a great read and I enjoin each and every one of you to buy one for someone this Christmas, especially if that someone is YOU.

Massive kudos to the gang at Allen and Unwin who have helped to turn an idea into a book: Bruno Herfst the book designer; Elise Jones the real editor of the book: and Erica Wagner the publisher, whose idea it was.

And faint-at-your-feet gratitude to the generosity of the contributors: with stories selected from issues one to eight of Tango, it's a rich array of romance comics to tickle your eyeballs, make you gasp and sigh and laugh.

Is there going to be a launch? You bet there is. Upon the evening of Thursday the 10th of December 2009, at Dante's 154 Gertrude Street Fitzroy. That night we will also launch 'Tango9:Love and War', published by Cardigan Comics, so it's going to be a great big double Tango launch bash - it'd be great to see you there.

And, even though it is still waiting for its cue to enter stage right, it has been blogged by: The Alien Onion, Angela Savage, and George Dunford. All fine folks, in fine fettle.

In other news: thanks to Tango contributor Aaron Doty, there now exists a Tango Wikepedia page here. Visit! Edit! Remember, it's your interweb, folks!


Liz Argall said...

To hoo hah one can only say Booyah. Fantastico.

Anonymous said...

Bernard, I am loving The Tango Collection and so looking forward to the launch. Meantime, have a bonsai, I mean, bonza time in Japan.