Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Monthly Meetup - at last!

Yesterday I finally managed, for the first time, to get along to the Monthly Comics Meetup - held on the first Saturday of every month, 2 - 6pm at PA's Hotel, Grattan Street Carlton opposite Melbourne University.

'Minutes' of the meets are reliably blogged by Bobby.N, whose posts about making comics and talking comics are always worth reading.

As soon as I was there, talking comics and projects and looking at people's drawings and drinking a beer, suddenly the world seemed to make a lot more sense.

I met comics people who I've never met before, I spoke with old friends, I put faces to names, voices to artwork... it was great.

I was able to show folks the preview copy of 'The Tango Collection' that I have from Allen and Unwin, and to promise the people there whose work has been selected for the book that their authors' copies will be coming some time this month.

Also I handed around flyers for The Paper Lifeboat, this year's comics art exhibition for the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

And I wondered, "How is it that I have never managed to get to this before?"

And I answered, "Because I am a fool."


Christopher Downes said...

Dangit, you make me wanna live in Melbourne!

Paul Bedford said...

It was great indeed to see your good self stroll through the door on satdee, Mr. Caleo and everyone was very pleased to see you...while all wondering the same thing you were "Why is this first time here?".
I love the meets! My monthly ritual of heading into the city early to check how the locally stocked copies of The List are going and pick up a few comics to read over a coffee before heading to the meet is well worth the drive from Healesville. For mine, the meets stoke the creative fires and bring a feel of community and solidarity to an otherwise very solitary pursuit...oh, and drink loads of great beer and have a laugh with a great bunch of people. Do stop by again soon good sir!

Bobby.N said...

Was great to see you there Bernard. The meets have just grown and grown with more people coming along to show their stuff and discuss this wonderful medium.

The first Saturday is a great campfire for comics in Melbourne.