Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Movies that ate my BRAINS!

When the new Cardigan Comics site is (James Earl Jones voice) "fully operational", there will be a page called 'The Movies that ate my BRAINS!'. This page will feature the faux movie posters that I sketch in between putting on films at the two picture theatres that I work at: the Sun Theatre in Yarraville and the Westgarth Theatre in, well, Westgarth. Both of them beautiful Art Deco ladies from the 'Dream Palace' era of movies in Melbourne.

There is also a 'comic strip essay' that I will one day do, to be called: 'The Projectionist Theory of Cinema'. When showing films is your job, it really changes your way (and by that I mean your method) of seeing them.

But however you look at the new Indy film, I would suggest that everyone sees the same thing.


Unknown said...

Are you perhaps a Projectionist-Protagonist?

And, can you do a poster for Armageddon? That movie not only ate my brain but took away almost 3hours of my life!

Greg G said...

I've been enjoying Rifftrax recently... have you heard of them? I think they'll be necessary to even get through Indy 4.